Thursday, April 17, 2014

"I really feel like this is the direction I need to go in"

According to Judy, she was not finding fulfillment in her Christian church.  When she was told about the Baha'i Faith, by her co-worker, she wanted to know more because together, she and her co-worker often talked about “giving back to others” in service to the community.   

Over the past month, Judy and her co-worker researched online about the Bahai Faith.  She shared with me that she just “woke up” one day and felt this was the day to be a Baha'i.  She felt that she had found what she “always believed” and wondered why she hadn't heard of the Faith before!  She is very interested in connecting with the Baha'i community and wants to continue her studies.   

When Judy firct contacted the Bahais, this is what she shared about her journey . . . 

“I really feel like this is the direction I need to go in. I just want to know how to really practice and [to learn] more about prayer and meditation.”

 At age 35, Judy is now an enrolled member of the Bahai Faith.

"It's an honor to become a Bahai . . . "

Rick met a local Bahai at a coffee shop in summer of 2013 and she told him about the Bahai Faith. For two years, he has been exploring different religions. Eventually, he met the Bahai again, and she showed him a video of Bahai youth in Toronto and he liked the community and said “I want a community like that!”  

Rick, who is in his mid-50s, just finished studying “Reflections on the Life of the Spirit”, and is now beginning his study of “Arising to Serve” from the Ruhi Institute.    

In our last conversation together, Rich shared this about joining the Bahai Faith 

It’s an honor to become a Baha'i and it has increased my knowledge. The secretary of the Baha'i community where I live is helping me to fill this out [the declaration form online.]”

"I instantly felt comfortable with the [Bahai] teachings"

In early April, this message was shared about Jesse, a thirty-year old, who registered her declaration online.  She came across the Baha'i Faith while searching the web!

"I've always believed this way. Instantly I felt comfortable with the teachings."

She said she has always been a believer in Christ but she saw the unity in all the religions and believed there is only one God. She is interested in children's class for her 3 children and other core activities. Jesse is so excited with her new-found Faith.

At age 15 he asked, "Where do I begin if I'm taking this [spiritual search] seriously?"

Kevin recently filled out the “contact us” form on and shared a little about his spiritual search. 

I'm 15 years old. Yes, I know I'm young. Not too young, however, to find my spirituality. I've been sick for the past 2 or 3 years of my life. Nearly died of malnutrition, and it really made me rethink a lot about my life. I searched for answers as to what I would expect to find come the time I die, and as you probably know, there are a TON of answers. But I found an article on Baha'i, and nothing has clicked so well in my head before. It made sense. I've researched a lot, but I need help [getting started] . . .

 Right away, a regional response coordinator contacted Kevin, and quickly, Kevin wrote back.

Thank you soooooo much for replying. I'm really looking for answers and I think I'm finding some people who can help me out. So again, thank you. 

I've actually started reading some Baha'i texts. Downloaded tons of eBooks of the writings by Bahá'u'lláh, `Abdu'l-Bahá, and The Universal House of Justice. Which is great! It really is! But it’s a lot to take in, especially by myself. 

I'm sorry to continue to bother you but where should I start? What do I need to start doing? What should I know going into everything? So many questions... All just kind of saying: Where do I begin if I'm taking this seriously? 
 Any help is appreciated.

Two days later, new contact was made with Kevin and it was learned that he is already saying his Obligatory Prayers.  Recently, another communication was received from Kevin . . . 

Hi... So I feel really bad typing this, but I had yet another  . . . crisis this morning, likely brought on by food poisoning. Turns out the left over sweet and sour chicken in the fridge tasted kind of funny for a reason . . . so I don't really have the opportunity to make any phone calls, nor do I really feel good enough. 

But believe me, I've been praying. I love to praise God, and I've been meditating daily, as well as reading some of the text. God is doing something, that's for sure. The fact I'm alive is honestly... impressive. Doctors are impressed. This is just my trial I guess. I'll get through it, and even if I don't I'm not scared. Because I actually have a good idea of what to expect . . . 

Kevin was connected to the Bahais near him and is now enrolled into the community.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

“It made sense to me that all the prophets were Messengers of Their time”

A teacher of youth shares her discovery of the Bahai Faith and what it has meant for her work and life goals. 
48 years ago I lived on a reservation as a part of my senior project. My roommate and I taught in the elementary school for 3 months.  Most of the teachers there were Bahai.  We prayed and learned about Bahaullah. I was fascinated and it made sense to me that all the prophets were Messengers of Their time. I loved that all the religions were connected. I have been interested in the Bahai faith for many years. But just this morning I found out about the school and convention center and that it was within a few miles of my cabin  . . .  I am currently a teacher  . . . for high-risk students. I am teaching life skills and working with students on values and how to make decisions that will affect their lives as well as others. I cannot believe the timing. The faith in Bahaullah and my life goals are so connected. I would love to come and take classes.
Thank you
 This new friend is now enrolled as a member of the Bahai Faith.