Friday, October 23, 2015

"I am 19 years old and . . . I am so happy"

Ken contacted the Bahá’ís and shared this about his discovery of the teachings of the Faith. He is now engaged with other youth within his university.
I am 19 years old and for years [I] have researched endlessly [about] religions and their beliefs. I have read many scriptures and have even taken courses in order to provide an idea of what faith I truly believe in my heart. I had not found it until last night when I had a revelation after reading an article about unity of faith. And that was by a Christian! All of my stress and internal turmoil was immediately alleviated. I am so happy. Soul filled with true joy, and I have been led to this faith :)

The laws within the Bahá’í Faith are timely at this time in human history

Karri is in her mid-20s.  She registered her decision to become a Bahá’í on The local Bahá’í who called her to talk about the decision to declare shared this about how she became engaged in community life.
Her interest in the Bahá’í Faith began three years ago, during a World Religions class in which each person was instructed to attend services from three different faiths of their choice, and one of Karri's choices was the Bahá’í Faith.  She has already studied the books “Reflections on the Life of the Spirit” and “Arising to Serve” with a local Bahá’í.  She also attends prayer devotionals in the community.  Her interest in the Faith included the fact that she is a social worker and she feels the laws within the Bahá’í Faith are timely for society at large at this time in human history. 



The Bahá’í Faith: "It's a good fit."

Jenna decided she wanted to become a member of the Bahá’í  Faith and registered her declaration online at  Here is what she shared about her initial interests in learning more about the Faith.
I am interested in exploring the Bahai Faith. I have recently spoken with a friend about beliefs of the Bahai Faith, and it seems to make more sense to me than Christianity. I have long struggled with the idea of organized religion, so have done very little to pursue connection with one particular church. I believe there is one God, and I crave a personal relationship with Him.  . . . phone contact would be best, as my husband would be skeptical about my interest with Bahai.”
The Bahá’ís who met with her share this about Jenna's journey.
Jenna has a daughter who will be seven in a few weeks. She considered registering her daughter as well, but wanted to be sure that the father was in agreement before doing so.  The daughter is currently attending children's classes at a local church in order to have some spiritual exposure.  She and her daughter have read Bahá’í prayers together; she is looking for parenting support among the Bahá’ís.  She has also reconnected with the old high school friend who first introduced her to the Faith almost 2 years ago.  Jenna is an educator and finds that the message of the Bahá’í Faith about the beauty of diversity and the goal of a unified world resonates with her both spiritually and professionally.  She shared with me that, "It's a good fit."


From further conversation to finding friends with common interests

Jennifer called 800-22UNITE (800-228-6483) for more information about the Bahá’í Faith.  This is what she shared about herself.
My mother has been involved in Bahá'í for many years [and] we were discussing a lot of things and she suggested it again to me so I decided to call. I like the idea of the betterment of relationship of cultures.”
The friends in the community were happy to call her back and meet with her. This is what they shared.
Jennifer attended our devotional on Saturday. She showed much interest, had questions about the brochures I gave her, and she has connected with a Bahá’í in the community with whom she has many similar interests.