Friday, October 23, 2015

The laws within the Bahá’í Faith are timely at this time in human history

Karri is in her mid-20s.  She registered her decision to become a Bahá’í on The local Bahá’í who called her to talk about the decision to declare shared this about how she became engaged in community life.
Her interest in the Bahá’í Faith began three years ago, during a World Religions class in which each person was instructed to attend services from three different faiths of their choice, and one of Karri's choices was the Bahá’í Faith.  She has already studied the books “Reflections on the Life of the Spirit” and “Arising to Serve” with a local Bahá’í.  She also attends prayer devotionals in the community.  Her interest in the Faith included the fact that she is a social worker and she feels the laws within the Bahá’í Faith are timely for society at large at this time in human history. 



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