Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"I feel a spiritual pull to being a Bahá'í"--her pastor was supportive!

Sheila, from the Midwest, contacted the Bahá'ís to learn more about the Faith.  Here is her story, as shared by the Bahá'í who spoke with her. 

Sheila and I talked for an hour.  She is almost 17, a high school sophomore, and is very interested in the life of the spirit.  Through incidents in her life, Sheila has realized that she is here for a purpose.  Although her family did not practice any particular religion, they felt connected to their Creator.  Most significantly, her mother passed away last year, and before passing, she told Sheila that she would be praying for her in the next world.  She has always felt that there is one God and that He is just called by different names.   

Sheila shares how she first heard about the Bahá'í Faith, through the words of a local Bahá'í. 

Sheila first heard about the Baha'i Faith from a friend at school who is Baha’i.  The name “Bahá'í” stuck with her and she later went online to find out more.  The more she read, the more she felt the Faith who she is.  She loves the concept of the unity and also mentioned the unity of science and religion. Sheila then registered her declaration to become a member of the Bahá'í Faith, and I called her to talk with her about her decision.   At first, Sheila was reconsidering joining.   I encouraged her to pray about her decision, and encouraged her to call me if she wanted to talk further or text me with questions.  I will send her the book Hidden Words and I told her that whenever she feels ready, we would welcome her. 

Over the next several weeks Sheila prayed, read the emails that I sent her; she watched all the video links and even asked her pastor about her decision.  He was supportive!   

In a recent email, Sheila wrote the following. 

"Everything about the Bahá'í faith is so appealing to me and I feel a spiritual pull to being a Bahá'í. I have downloaded books on my phone to read and I’ve watched all the videos. I would like to continue through with my conversion on the faith."  

The Bahá'í called her back and they continued their conversation about the fundamental verities of the Faith.  During the conversation, it was learned that Sheila wants to become involved in the community.  She is now an enrolled member of the Bahá'í Faith.  The community has embraced her and has invited her to participate in some upcoming youth events planned for the community at large.


Friday, July 18, 2014

My faith has come a long journey

My faith has come a long journey. Some doubt and enduring questions. Once I figured out what I felt inside to be true I stumbled on some literature online of the Baha'i faith. I met one person who was actually part of the faith. Now I want to take a closer look and would like to read more. 

Danny, age 30, is now enrolled in the Baha'i Faith and he registered his 2 year old son.

"I don't live on line so I would rather people reach out to me by phone"

“I currently live in Illinois and I am seeking Baha'is with whom I can meet for readings and spiritual gathering. I don't live on line so I would rather people reach out to me by phone  . . . “

"I have recently been feeling like I need something more"

Ashley in Florida has been searching for something more . . .  

I was not raised with religion and I have recently been feeling like I need something more. I've been trying some Christian churches but the hard part for me is that faith in Jesus and the Bible would require me to believe that all other non-Christian religions are wrong, which I'm not sure I could ever believe. I looked at a website called www.religionfacts.com, which gives an unbiased summary of world religions. The Baha'i faith made the most sense to me and I am very interested in learning more.

"I feel in my heart that this could be the answer to what I've been looking for"

Linda approached the Baha'is hoping to resolve many questions . . .  

I've had a strange journey with religion that I'd like to work through. I have many questions and few have been answered. I met a Baha'i who is now a friend and she told me a little bit about it and for the first time, I could feel in my heart that this could be the answer to what I've been looking for.  After some research, I believe that this is the faith for me because it's finally giving me a name for what I've always believed. However, my beliefs about Jesus are holding me back. Is it possible to be Messianic and Baha'i? 

Later that day, a Baha'i responded to Linda’s inquiry.  Here’s what Linda shared back. 

Thank you for responding so quickly! I was not expecting such a quick response, I greatly appreciate it. Unfortunately, I have a lot going on these next three days. I could possibly talk on Saturday?  I'd like to have as much time as needed to talk without restraint, if that's ok with you? I have several questions and I like talking things out and thinking through them. I apologize in advance for possibly being more difficult than others you've spoken to before! Ha-ha    Anyway, with all that being said, are you free to call on Sunday around noon or after?    Thanks and peace to you.”



"I just picked up a copy of [a Baha'i book] from the library . . . "

Raymond from Oklahoma learned about the Baha’i Faith at the library and then called 800-22UNITE, twice.  

I've just this week come across the Baha'i organization, and I am curious to learn more about it.  I just picked up a copy of Baha’u’llah and The New Era from the library, but have not gotten into it yet, so I'm very much a greenhorn.  Is this book a good place to start my exploration?  What else might you be able to send me?  Is there a group of members who meet regularly in my area - if so, where and when? 

[Later, he called back]

I have been reading a variety of Baha’i books and would like to learn more and now connect locally.   

"I love your mission . . . I'd like to learn more . . . "

Evan from Oregon wonders how his ideals fit in with the Baha’i Faith . . .  

“I love your mission statement and in how you seek to unite all religions and peoples in global unity and peace. I'd like to learn more what the Baha'i faith is all about, and see if someone who has been secular (but open to spirituality) like myself could fit in.”