Thursday, April 28, 2016

SED Endeavors: More examples in the United States - 15 "fixed" and 7 "sustained"

More examples of FIXED duration projects underway across the United States in Riḍván 2016
  • Gatherings to discuss such topics as the equality of men and women, education of children, parenting, and health, in Rockville MD
  • Homework assistance in an apartment complex, in Bethlehem, PA
  • Toiletries for homeless girls and youth, a service project in Pleasanton, CA
  • A one-week service camp for children with projects for several organizations, in Corvallis OR
  • Using arts as a means of building community, a collaboration in Clarkston, GA
  • Making Collars for and Visiting Guide Dog Puppies, in Manatee County, FL (a junior youth project)
  • A food drive for local food bank, in Peachtree Corners, GA (a junior youth project)
  • An environmental trail clean-up, in Chula Vista, CA (a junior youth project)
  • A health camp for junior youth, in Boston, MA
  • A lemonade stand fundraiser for a local children’s hospital, in Arlington, MA
  • Participation in a City-wide Roadside Clean-up Day, in Marquette, MI
  • Carmel Baha'i School for Youth and Jr. Youth: Building Vibrant Communities summer camp in Fall Creek, OR
  • An Indigenous Gathering, hosted by the Continental Board of Counselors in Houck, AZ
  • Planting a garden with kids, in Edinburg, TX
  • Volunteering at a soup kitchen in Evanston, IL
More examples of some SUSTAINED ENDEAVORS reported within the United States . . .
  • The Mona Foundation, an educational program in Kirkland, WA (visit:
  • A Bahá’í Choir for World Peace, in Baltimore, MD
  • The Bahá’í Chair for World Peace, at the University of Maryland, MD (visit:
  • The Unity Museum, an educational endeavor, in Seattle, WA (visit:
  • A scholarship Fund to local community college, by the Local Assembly of Walla Walla, WA
  • A recording studio which promotes wholesome musical arts, spoken word, and oral history in Dallas, TX
  • Parent University in Savannah, GA (visit:

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