Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Seekers immediately participating in service

Abigail of Washington DC is a new Baha’i who is currently going to devotions and firesides and wants to start a study circle. 

In late January 2017, Abigail viewed the Rainn Wilson interview with Oprah. She then was so desperate to contact Baha'is she made a profile on 'Baha'i Singles' She made contact with a Baha'i named Hassan serving in South Carolina full time. Abigail made a visit to the DC Baha'i Center Sunday morning devotional program at the DC Baha'i Center where she met some other Baha'is. Abigail has a family background involving Evangelical Christianity. The Baha'i she met at the DC Center comes from the very same background and may be a strong resource for her in the future.

In the meantime, the Baha’i she met on the website, Hassan, made arrangements to travel to DC to meet Abigail.  The Area Teaching Committee Secretary put Hassan into contact with fellow ATC member doing home visits just that morning.So Abigail & Hassan did home visits together.

This is the second recent seeker that was able to meet a Baha'i and participate in a service activity the same day. This is a fascinating development within the cluster where seekers are able to participate in diverse activities during their initial meetings with Baha'is. Before it was being invited to a devotional or fireside. Now it is participating in a junior youth group activity, a children's class or, in this case, accompanying a home visit. 

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