Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Teaching on the Brain

This story from the Austin, TX (A) cluster is all about keeping teaching in the forefront of our minds and seizing the teaching opportunities that are presented to us.

“A Bahá’í friend and I were in the bank so he could open a checking account. The bank manager was asked to help out with the account. As we were talking with the manager, she heard that my friend was living overseas, and she asked why. My friend is a pioneer to China and that was the perfect opening to mention the Faith! He mentioned that we are Bahá’ís. “Oh,” she said, “that is a great religion! I minored in religious studies in college and thought that your Faith made a lot of sense!”

As the manager talked with us, she went on to share that both her parents were Episcopalian priests. She explained that she had been less active in her church because her church has not given her as much hope as it used to.

My friend asked that since she had investigated so many Faiths, what was it that made her to stay in the religion of her parents. The bank manager thought that was a great question, and after reflection, said she thought it was familiarity that kept her in her religion. She then added that maybe it was time to re-examine her commitment to her faith.

We invited her to our Sunday devotions and she was very excited. She pulled out a paper and pen and asked me to write down directions to the Bahá’í Center. She then gave me her business card so we could send her more information about events. Then she asked if she could bring her friend who is Buddhist to devotions and of course, we said YES! The bank manager attended the devotions and later declared. Her mother is now attending the devotional gatherings.”

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