Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Some “Deceptively Simple Learnings” about teaching (aka. “IPG for Dummies”)

The New York City, NY (A) cluster recently reduced a forty page teaching manual to a deceptively simple, yet absolutely critical ten points, referred to affectionately as “Intensive Program of Growth for Dummies”. We loved them so much, we just had to share.
  1. Teach the Faith. If you don’t, no amount of amazing meetings, awesome events or fancy data collection systems will produce growth.
  2. If your friends aren’t interested, teach people who are. There are receptive souls. Our job is to find them.
  3. Do home visits. They lead to declarations, study circles and new friends — and they’re fun.
  4. Invite people to core activities and firesides. Some of them will come.
  5. Follow up with the people who are interested in the Faith.
  6. Follow up with people who contact us.
  7. Do the things the Universal House of Justice says to do. Follow the guidance. Time is limited — root out distractions and stay focused on the Plan.
  8. Become friends with the new believers, and stay in touch over a period of years. Invite them to study circles!!! Or keep visiting them in their homes.
  9. Pray for divine assistance. Bahá’u'lláh can make a gnat into an eagle! Pray to be guided to receptive souls & vice versa. Keep praying for the people you are already teaching.
  10. Growth is the by-product of unity.

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Teaching blog said...

Oct 18, 3:55 PM

I love this list. It’s so simple and straightforward. It really makes me feel like we could actually make an IPG happen in our cluster.