Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Halfway through the Howard County/Laurel IPG

Here is an update at the mid-way point of the Howard County/Laurel, MD cluster's IPG. Keep it up, everyone!

Dear friends,

Wow, what a week! Where to start.... Well, let's start with the organized door to door teaching. We had 14 intrepid souls go out door to door in the below freezing weather, that includes two children and one soul developing in the womb!!! This was a wonderful experience and all who participated certainly generated a lot of energy with their prayers for confirmations. We learned a lot, some of which reinforced previous learning. All in all, we found 8 homes to which we will do follow up home visits and an additional 5 homes that were interested and will receive cards and pamphlets in the mail. Additionally, we followed up with two other seekers that we met the weekend before. The goal of the expansion phase, as defined by the Universal House of Justice in the 27 December 2005 message is to "to widen the circle of those interested in the Faith, to find receptive souls and to teach them." This is exactly what we have done.

The wonderful part of this expansion phase is that we have been teaching in many, many different ways. We are continuing our other core activities and firesides and continuing to teach in this way. I am certain that the energy generated from all of these prayers and focused effort on teaching is yielding great results. Speaking of great results, we had a declaration this weekend! This was someone that was not a contact from the door to door, but the teachers did utilize concepts from Anna's Presentation to teach him the Faith. In addition, one woman we met going door to door just started attending firesides and learning about the Faith, before we met her! Imagine the confirmation for her, as a new seeker, to have Baha'is come to her home and find out they’re her neighbors!! In fact, she and her family will be starting a Book 1 very soon! :) I have also received word of another study circle with seekers that has just recently started.

As I said, teaching is happening in so many different ways. One person told me that he was so inspired by the expansion phase that he decided to actively teach a few people at work and challenge/encourage two coworkers to really investigate the faith. Both coworkers have agreed and he has started a process of consolidation with these seekers. Friends, I think it is safe to judge this expansion phase a success, even though it is only half over! And the reason for that is that so many people are teaching in so many different avenues during this expansion phase; the energy in the community around teaching is palpable. Certainly it is becoming the dominating passion of this community! Let's keep it up!

With hearts very full of love and excitement,

The Area Teaching Committee of Howard County/Laurel

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Teaching blog said...

Dear Friends, I will only add one point to this post from the ATC Sec (who happens to be my wife), which I am sure she herself will send later as well. In the two days since the launch of Cycle 10, we have heard from at least three other friends who have overcome their reticence about direct door to door teaching, and have agree to accompany the teaching teams, if only to stand back and watch what happens!! With action comes understanding, and greater passion for teaching!

Loving greetings,
Barmak Kusha