Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Diagram of an IPG: Seattle's Core Team

Though short, this observation from the secretary of the Office of Cluster Advancement for the Northwest Region gives a fascinating look into what it really takes to pull off a well- organized, efficient, and effective expansion phase. These guys are making it happen!

This [core] team is really amazing and learning so much. They went from being at the Center until nearly midnight on the first day, trying to figure out the data and follow up, to becoming more efficient and wrapping up by 11pm on the second day. Then today they got it all done during the day – including follow up cards, maps for the return visit teams, and return visits scheduled into specific slots for the remaining days of the cycle – and ready in neat stacks by the end of the evening program. Of course, data processing is just one part of the many things they are doing, and they are exhibiting wonderful learning and refinement on the go in many areas!

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