Sunday, February 24, 2008

Study Circles heat up in Turtle Mountain, ND

Updates from the field of action come in from all across the country every day. Some from A-stage clusters, some from B and C-stage clusters, as progress everywhere is about learning about individual and collective initiative. Turtle Mountain, ND cluster shares their recent successes.

Hello everyone in the listening area, I would just like to report on the happenings in the Turtle Mountain area. February 16th the Dunseith community had a study circle Ruhi Book 7, their was 6 participants including the instructor, The class for ruhi finished up to section 7. We finished the day with a Traditional Chippewa Thirst Dance singing ceremony in the foot hills of the Turtle Mountains near Dunseith. On Sunday February 17th The Dunseith community had a pancake sausage / Devotional Gathering/Children Class gathering at Max and Pam Defender's house. The devotional gathering started with prayers from the sacred Bahai prayer books, their were many young and older that picked and said a prayer, The Devotional part was a teaching from one of the old stories from the Chippewa people. The children's class was a story about Abdul Baha , and we had a craft that was identifying the feast and holly days of the calander. There was 6 adults, 7 youth and jr.youth and 6 childern that participated in these gatherings.

On February 23 , 2008 The Dunseith Community started a new study circle ruhi book 1, from 6pm to 9pm every Saturday. We have a goal to finish book 1 by the end of March , We had 8 new participants enrolled in this class. Future events will be announced at a later date.


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