Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cycles of growth off to roaring starts in the Southwest

With 53 intensive programs of growth already underway in the United States (and several more set to begin soon) news of more and more victories are being reported. Two common themes are the significant receptivity to the Message of Baha'u'llah and a palpable sense of excitement as Baha'i communities report their eagerness about sharing His message both individually and collectively.

San Diego, CA

Dear Friends, San Diego cluster launched its 7th IPG Cycle yesterday. Today on the 2nd day of their intensive expansion phase they have had 2 declarations and 3 children registrations. Their goal for this cycle is 50 new Baha’is. 5 down 45 to go!

Tucson, AZ

Dear all, Tucson started its new IPG cycle yesterday with a youth retreat. Today after the cluster reflection gathering teaching teams went out to five neighborhoods. During this first weekend they have had 9 declarations and 3 children registrations! Their goal for this cycle is 24 new believers. So far they have had 12! They have 69 revisit appointments to go back and give Anna’s presentation!

The other exciting news is that 17 youth were among the members of the teaching teams taking part in direct teaching activities and going door-to-door over this weekend.

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