Sunday, March 2, 2008

Teaching in NYC focused on Jackson Heights, in Queens

The Jackson Heights Teaching Project, launched during the 9th cycle of growth for the New York City (A) cluster, created quite a stir in the cluster, with more than 40 Bahá'ís participating (including 2 young adults, 3 junior youth) in the campaign. The team focused on sharing the message of Bahaullah with East Indians, and Latin & South Americans.

Activities: ‘Teaching tables.’ pamphlet invitations to firesides, two firesides, two junior youth groups, one devotional meeting, one children’s class, four teaching teams, two study circles, five tutors, involvement of Children’s Theater Company


o 5 seekers generated through the teaching tables attended firesides and expressed interest in participating in community activities and receiving home visits.

o 7 personal contacts attended firesides and were also interested in receiving home visits

o 10 seekers shared their names and contact information with the Bahá’ís so that we could invite them to participate in future activities

o 10 non-Bahá’í junior youth participated in the junior youth groups

o Result of holding regular firesides and creating brochures to invite souls to the core activities has been the re-connection with 4 non-Bahá’í junior youth

Next steps
include immediate home visit follow up with the 5 (table) seekers who attended the evening firesides. These friends will be invited to join study circles, devotionals & to declare.

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