Monday, October 29, 2007

Another declaration in New Hampshire

Last evening another seeker declared his belief in Baha'u'llah. The joy in sharing this is that a youth who is a member of a teaching team was persistent in inviting the seeker--his college professor--to a fireside during the first cycle of the New Hampshire NW (A) IPG! It took 3-4 invitations for this seeker to accept the invitation but after his first experience he has been attending firesides 2x a month and (is) on fire with his investigation and his search.

This seeker was… asked if he would like to enroll and be a part of the Bahá'í community. Very tenderly and patiently he was asked, "Are you ready? Would you like to be a member of this Faith whose mission is to unite all the peoples and religions of the earth? He immediately answered yes... and that it gave him hope when he had been hopeless.

Three declarations in less than 6 weeks! Who would have imagined such a bounty! This was the direct result of teaching teams...unity of focus, fulfilling personal pledges to engage in home visits, to outreach, invitations to core activates and accompanying the seekers on their path of search.”

~from Auxiliary Board member, April 07

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