Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Knowing our human resources

The Pittsburg PA (C) cluster shares an example of how we can be most efficient in our response to seeker requests when the Local Assembly and the cluster agencies know the human resources in their clusters.

In the past few months there have been 14 seekers from the Pittsburgh PA (C) cluster have inquired through 1-800-22UNITE or the public web site. Nine seekers have responded and of those, five have attended core activities and two have declared. This effective response is due in great measure to the quick and loving follow up provided by the cluster agencies there, particularly the Institute Coordinator and the Local Assembly secretary.

Yesterday a seeker contacted us in Spanish and the Regional Specialist sent out the call for a Spanish-speaking Baha'i in Pittsburgh. Within 20 minutes replies were again received from both the Institute Coordinator and the Assembly secretary, recommending the same person – a graduate student studying Spanish at the University of Pittsburgh.

~NE Regional Seeker Response Specialist, 1/16/08

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