Monday, October 29, 2007

Children of Community of Interest “brought new life to Feast”

The story below shared by the Local Assembly of Beltrami County, Minnesota MN (B) highlight the impact that children--of the community of interest and who participate in children’s classes--have on the friends at Feast.

“There have been eight children, ages five to ten, attending Bahá'í children’s classes whose parents are from the community of interest. A few of the children have attended Bahá'í Feast. The Assembly encouraged the adults working with the children to continue to invite the children to all of the Feasts and Holy Days and any other functions appropriate for children to attend and to offer transportation. There are no other children in our community to befriend these children but this appears to be of no significance. Most of the children attended the last Feast. The children greeted each individual at the door and said “Allah’h’Abhá” (their own idea) and hung up coats. During the Feast the children sang a song they learned at Bahá'í class and spontaneously sang songs on their own or with others. Adults commented that the children had brought a new life to the Feast. The children wanted to know when the next Feast would be held because they were anxious to attend the next one.”

~Local Assembly of Betrami County, MN

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