Monday, October 29, 2007

Rochester seeker calls 1-800-22UNITE, receives visit by Coordinator

This story illustrates how the Rochester Area NY (A) cluster combines a home visit, elements of Books 2 and 6, a responsive Institute Coordinator, and the referral from a Regional Seeker Response Specialist to effectively respond to a seeker who called 1-800-22UNITE.

This is an account of my visit this afternoon with a seeker whom we met at his home for about two hours. He said that a person suggested that he should look into the Baha'i Faith. He called the 1 800 22 UNITE number and was sent contact information for our regional Seeker Response Specialist. The Specialist called me and asked if it would be possible for me to visit him.

I went to his home planning to introduce him to the Faith using Anna's talk from Book 6, at least the information covered in Section 7. Most of the material in that section was presented with the exception of the last quote, although the flow was more like the Eternal Covenant theme in the presentation to the Sanchez's in Book 2. The visit covered about half of the material in the Eternal Covenant Section - Section 2 of Unit 2 - in Arising to Serve. And from the small "Power of Prayer" pocket booklet in "The Light of Unity" series, we read together the Remover of Difficulties and Refresh and Gladden my Spirit. I left him with that prayer book and The Baha'is" Magazine. He showed interest in hosting a study circle on Reflections on the Life of the Spirit, but seemed a bit reluctant when I asked if he would be interested in inviting his friends. We agreed to meet again sometime soon for coffee.

~Story shared by RTI Coordinator

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