Wednesday, March 5, 2008

“I want to become Baha'i! I want to be part of this! "

Southern Nevada (A) IPG--Day 11 report (March 4)

“He is the King, the All-Knowing, the Wise! Lo, the Nightingale of Paradise singeth upon the twigs of the Tree of Eternity, with holy and sweet melodies, proclaiming to the sincere ones the glad tidings of the nearness of God, calling the believers in the Divine Unity to the court of the Presence of the Generous One, informing the severed ones of the message which hath been revealed by God, the King, the Glorious, the Peerless, guiding the lovers to the seat of sanctity and to this resplendent Beauty.” ~Baha’u’llah

We received news of another joyful new believer, who declared his faith last night, making him our cluster’s 27th declaration since the start of our Intensive Program of Growth. Here is the teacher’s story:

On Monday after work, I went for an appointment with one of the seekers, but he was not at home. Then I thought about another person, who happened to be the first person I presented Anna's presentation to during the first weekend of teaching. I had not seen him since that first time. When he opened the door and saw me, he exclaimed, "Where have you been? I was waiting for you. I didn't know how to contact you!"

This young man said he was touched by the prayer book I had given him. He wanted to know when the next Baha’i activity was and said he wanted to attend ASAP. We went for a walk and he told me about his life and the problems he has faced in the past. He then invited me into his home and asked me, "What information do you have for me today? Feed me.” So we studied some writings about progressive revelation. He was very excited and eager to know more and more. He then asked me what it takes to become a Baha'i. I answered belief in God, in Baha'u'llah, and the covenant and striving to obey the laws to the best of your ability. He answered, “I want to become Baha'i! I want to be part of this! Why didn't I know about it before!!?” I told him he was a Baha'i but just didn't know it.

This new believer’s heart is set on fire. He wants to serve humanity and do charity work right away. He has asked me to take him under my wing and wants to teach together. He said he would even do door-to-door teaching!

After he signed his declaration card, we said a prayer. As I was getting up to leave, his roommate came in. I was introduced to him and he was interested in knowing about the Faith too. So I presented Anna's presentation and invited them both to attend the next devotional gathering, which will be in their apartment complex. They both plan to attend.

This teacher reported tonight that the new Baha’i attended the Ruhi Book 1 class at the Baha’i Center, which is being conducted mostly in Spanish. It turns out that this young man, who is American, spent several years in South America and is bi-lingual in English and Spanish! What a further blessing for our community!

Please keep the teaching stories coming. They are inspiring and uplifting to us all. We will pray for the new believers and seekers and for the continued success of this spiritual enterprise.

~Area Teaching Committee

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