Friday, April 25, 2008

Meet me at the pool

What a delight! In Thousand Oaks, CA (A), which has just completed the expansion phase of the first cycle of its intensive program of growth, witness the power of the younger generation. Here are two inspiring stories from a teaching team consisting of a junior youth, a youth and an adult. Anyone can teach, and teaching can occur anywhere . . . so see you at the pool!

A 14-year old boy opened the door and showed interest in the presentation. He listened attentively. N and A were excited! A short while later, this wonderful boy declared! The new believer wanted to be visited again when his parents would be home to sign his enrollment card. This second visit will provide an opportunity for the team to introduce the Faith to the boy’s parents.

An American gentleman opened his door. Surprised to see the team, he asked what they wanted. Hearing the explanation, he said, “I am leaving now. Could you meet me in ten minutes at the pool?” The team happily accepted to do so. Before ten minutes had passed, the team met another wonderful gentleman who listened for 45 minutes to the entire presentation, given mostly by the youth and junior youth. He kept the declaration card and agreed to be visited again. His wife, who had apparently been watching the team from upstairs, kindly sent four glasses of juice to the team and her husband, a wonderful sign of receptivity and generosity. After they left the home, the team went to the pool to meet the first man, but they were worried they would not find him because of the delay. But he was still there; they apologized for the delay and explained the reason. He warmly received the team, listened to the introduction, and then personally read each page of Anna’s presentation. He asked questions, gave some favorable comments, read the final prayer and then signed his declaration card at that blessed pool site!

It is so delightful to see how our Baha’i junior youth and youth can touch the hearts of their listeners simply by their sincerity, audacity and, above all, by this marvelous Anna’s presentation.

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