Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Everyone playing their part

The friends in Eugene, OR (A) have been busy and systematic during the first expansion phase of their intensive program of growth, which was launched just before Ridvan 2008. A variety of approaches were used, with each facet supporting the others. Here are some excerpts from the report of the Area Teaching Committee:

15 firesides or devotional gatherings were held in the cluster, attended by 32 people from the wider community.

Informational tables were set up at the local Bahá’í Center and at two colleges. The use of Anna’s Presentation at the booth at the Bahá’í Center provided an easy format to present the Faith.

26 individuals requested the Bahá’ís to contact them and give additional information about the Faith; 16 of the friends committed to following up personally with one or more of these individuals.

The friends gathered at the Bahá’í Center each day in the morning, noon and evening to offer prayers for the teaching efforts. These were attended by between five to fifteen believers each time.

Children’s classes and one junior youth group were conducted and were attended by members of the wider community.

Exploratory teaching was carried out in a few neighborhoods in the cluster. Several positive opportunities emerged, including requests for subsequent visits, which are being followed up. At one apartment complex, a relatively large percentage of those visited expressed an interest in learning about the Faith.

A total of 70 children, youth and adult believers supported one or more of the above efforts.


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