Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Share with us your experiences with Anna's Presentation

Over the past few months, we have been receiving many inspiring stories about “Anna’s Presentation”, which is a introductory explanation of the Bahá’í Faith that clearly and directly presents some of its main verities. Throughout the country, the believers have found Anna’s presentation an effective tool when engaging in door-to-door teaching. However, in many places, the friends are also finding Anna’s Presentation useful in other venues, such as proclamation events, firesides, Holy Day celebrations.

For example, the following is a report from San Antonio, TX (A):

“At the 12th Day of Ridvan celebration given at the Bahá’í Center, a beautiful and inviting atmosphere was present. A seeker at the Holy Day festivities declared after listening to Anna’s presentation. Other people who attended also inquired about the Faith and requested to know more.”

Further, a friend in Knoxville, TN (A) shares:

“We are using Anna’s presentation in our fireside and trying to encourage more friends to incorporate it in small or large firesides”

Share your experiences with Anna’s presentation in various venues, the approaches and formats that you have used for it, as well as some of the results. Write to

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