Monday, June 9, 2008

New believers start children's classes

Here is a delightful report from San Antonio, TX (A), where new believers are plunging into the arena of service in their local neighborhood, in this case through starting children’s classes.

I wanted to share this one story about the efforts in San Antonio during the consolidation phase.

The team had lined up to hold children's classes in the home of a young couple who have children and declared during the expansion phase. The cluster institute coordinator for children’s classes, as well as other friends, had planned to invite some other children to join the class. When they met with the new believers it turns out they had already taken the copy of the materials and had visited their friends’ homes to invite their children. They used the "visual" presentation to teach the families and explain what the classes would be about and had the parents sign the consent form. They now have 7 children in the class!

The people who will be the children's class teachers are a couple of believers who had been looking for ways to become involved in the Plan, and began to get engaged when a neighborhood Feast was organized in their area. They studied Book 1 then took Book 3 so they could teach children’s classes and are now taking Book 4.

While we cannot predetermine any of the outcomes of our efforts it is not unusual for a person to declare and then immediately be willing to serve. In this case, the new believers have in an exemplary manner in their neighborhood.

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