Friday, June 6, 2008

Southern Nevada IPG Days 10-13

An update from Southern Nevada (A), which has just completed day 13 of its expansion phase. The friends are following up declarations with consolidation activities, particularly starting study circles with new believers, many of whom are in turn arising to participate in teaching the Faith.

Several devoted teachers have been doing follow-up home visits to nurture relationships with new believers while others have been visiting seekers who have requested return visits. The new believers benefit so much from saying prayers together and connecting with the Word of God. We have learned that perseverance, systematic follow-up, and reliance on the power of divine assistance are key elements of success.

Many teaching and consolidation teams have been following up with seekers and new believers by sharing Anna's presentation and beginning Ruhi Book 1 study circles. Starting a Ruhi study circle immediately after a soul’s declaration has been shown to be vital to the consolidation effort. This past weekend, the teaching and consolidation teams started at least three Ruhi Book 1 study circles with seekers and newly enrolled Bahá’ís. Here is an account of one of them:

Our teaching team consisted of three Spanish speakers, myself (an adult), a youth and a junior youth. We went with another team to follow up with a Spanish-speaking family who had heard almost all of Anna's presentation. The teaching team that had taught this family did not speak much Spanish so they asked us to accompany them and start a Book 1 study circle. We arrived and met a lovely couple with a young toddler. We talked some then began to go through the first two sections of Book 1. The couple commented throughout that they enjoyed the approach of the Ruhi Book and how everyone was free to share their thoughts. Once we had completed the two sections, the wife asked if she could keep the handouts. We replied that it was hers to keep and that we would return next Sunday to continue. She then said that each day between now and Sunday she would read the quotes and try to apply them to her life in order to improve herself. We were all overwhelmed by her comments; it was truly amazing.

Dear friends, we have more good news to share. This past weekend six Bahá’ís who enrolled in the last cycle came forward and taught the Faith! These friends not only shared Anna's presentation, but also helped bring new souls into the Cause. Of all the victories won in this cluster, this is perhaps the most outstanding.

With warm Bahá’í love,

Your area teaching committee

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