Monday, July 28, 2008

Update on direct teaching in Spokane

Here is an update about the direct teaching effort in Spokane, WA (*C), which involved a coordinated effort of teaching teams, friends carrying out support activities, and a drumming session in the park! The teaching teams found numerous people interested in learning more about the Faith and requesting additional visits, and have learned many insights from their experience. Here are some additional comments from one of the friends:

What is direct teaching? One purposefully presents the Baha’i Faith in a systematic way to family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers, or in a door-to-door teaching campaign.

Before going out to do this door-to-door teaching, we reviewed the Ridvan 2008 message from the beloved Universal House of Justice as well as quotations on the power of “Utterance,” and said MANY prayers. Dear members of the Auxiliary Board, the Northwest Regional Baha’i Council, and the Spiritual Assembly of Spokane supported us!

What did we learn?

· Try to ascertain what the person’s needs are and then address those. Maybe they need to empty themselves first. Choose parts of the presentation that seem needed.

· Don’t be afraid.

· The person who makes eye contact with the seeker should do the presentation, while the other team member prays.

· Have at least one female on the team. A team of two guys could seem threatening to women who answer the door.

· Age diversity is good in a team.

· A follow-up fireside can be focused on something from “Anna’s Presentation”.

· When the door opens, what do you say? Basically give the introduction to Anna’s Presentation. “We are Baha’is, followers of Baha’u’llah, members of the Baha’i Faith, a new religion whose purpose is to unite all the people of the world in one common purpose, one universal Faith.”

· Don’t make a big deal of saying your name. Say your name and shake hands.

· Give CONCEPTS not facts. These are most important.

· For home visits give the “Gift of Prayers”, or other printed prayers.

As for follow-up:

· The friends in Spokane have spent the week following up on requests from all of these seekers.

· A Junior Youth Group is being held at the Library every Tuesday.

· More drumming in the park is happening on weekends.

Please pray for this teaching work!

Another direct teaching effort will be held in Spokane August 22-24th. Please join us and learn with us about this wondrous effort!

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