Thursday, July 3, 2008

Core group sets *C cluster on fire

No matter what stage a cluster is at, teaching and implementing the elements of the plan moves it forward. Experience throughout the world has shown that even if their numbers are small, a committed core group of believers can successfully carry out a collective teaching campaign and advance their cluster. This comes through loud and clear in this report from Muskegon, MI (*C), where the friends have just completed a direct teaching effort.

Dear Friends,


It was the absolute thrill of my summer to go teaching with you this past Saturday. Among the blessings that added to the success of this initial campaign are:

18 Bahá’ís participated in the training, including five from other clusters.

Participation by 6 Local Spiritual Assembly members (representing 2 Local Assemblies).

Participation by an Auxiliary Board member and two assistants.

Participation by one youth.

Participation by one member of the regional training institute.

Two believers who prayed at home during the start of the teaching campaign.

The hospitality of B who opened her home and generously provided food for all participants.

15 teachers went into the field of direct teaching. 4 teams of 3 went door to door. One team of 3 did taught in a local park. 18 people answered their doors. One of them declared his faith in Bahá’u’lláh. 7 of the 18 responses were positive. That's an astounding 38% positive response rate. Follow up visits with the 7 people began within two days of the teaching and is continuing. We identified 5 children whose parents want them to attend Bahá’í children's classes. At least 10 Bahá’ís committed themselves to teaching and follow-up consolidation for the next 6 months. Most if not all of the friends who participated are very excited about continuing to teach.

As a result of this experience we have a core of trained and dedicated teachers who are fired up about teaching. We have identified a receptive area. We have expanded our community of interest by 7 adults and 5 children. We have increased the number of homes being visited in our cluster. We have set the stage for neighborhood children's classes.

Blessings and Peace to you all.


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