Monday, July 14, 2008

Practice + Anna's Presentation = Confidence, Pennsylvania

A report from the Northeast region, where friends from several clusters recently came together to strengthen their teaching skills. They immediately put their new training into practice in the field. The friends are also gaining more experience in planning at the cluster level.

There were many participants, about 27 through 30 throughout the weekend, some of whom were new believers (even one seeker!). There were 5 clusters represented at the seminar: Harrisburg/Lancaster, Philadelphia, Philadelphia NW, Philadelphia SW, and Central Jersey. Everyone participated in the teaching on Saturday afternoon, along with a few of the believers from Lancaster and Philadelphia.

During the Anna's presentation practice Saturday AM, a believer practiced presenting it to a seeker who, at the end, declared. This was the first time this individual had given Anna’s presentation so that was a terrific boost for their confidence.

One of the highlights was when the cluster institute coordinator modeled giving Anna’s presentation to a participant. We all learned so much from her tender rendition of Anna's presentation, very beautiful and very informative.

Then, during the afternoon the friends gave Anna’s presentation to members of the community of interest in Lancaster and Philadelphia, as well as engaging in door-to-door teaching in both clusters. There was 1 declaration in Lancaster and 2 in Philadelphia.

All the participants seemed to benefit greatly from the practice of reviewing the cluster resources through the cluster growth profiles and creating goals for the next cycle in their clusters. It was a wonderful exercise.

Much love,

Teaching seminar co-facilitator

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