Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cooperating in a spirit of service

Exciting news from Pasco-Hernando, FL (B) which has recently finished an intensive teaching effort. Local believers, visitors, institutions, and youth volunteers from a teaching and service project carried out by the Magdalene Carney Bahá’í Institute called Project Badi—all cooperated in a spirit of joy and enthusiasm to reach out to the wider community and build new connections.

Dearest friends;

The Pasco/Hernando cluster’s teaching effort ended yesterday, with rewarding results. The Project Badi youth brought energy and excitement to the teaching work of our cluster. The East Pasco Local Spiritual Assembly did an amazing job in hosting the youth. Our sincere thanks to to all of them. Some of the highlights are as follows:

10 Firesides were held throughout the Cluster. 17 seekers who were interested in hearing the message of Bahá’u’lláh were able to attend these events, listen to Anna’s Presentation and participate in follow up discussions. . . .

The wonderful new believers who declared during our previous cycle hosted a fireside for their family, at which Project Badi youth gave a particularly moving Anna’s Presentation. We felt the Spirit of Badi in this gathering.

Over 20 people participated in the teaching activities, most of whom were from the cluster.

Following the first weekend, where 27 contacts requested to learn more about the Faith, there have been vigorous follow-ups by the Project Badi Youth and the friends from our cluster. Their efforts helped make connections with 18 contacts who have expressed interest in home visits, study circles, or devotional meetings.

Three Project Badi Reading Circles and Youth Empowerment classes were successfully completed in two communities. Two children’s classes have also been organized which will be held in these localities in the coming weeks. We are hoping that the Project Badi youth who live in this cluster can take the lead in conducting these.

Beloved friends, we need your dedicated and sacrificial acts of service to help with the follow up visits, holding study circles, devotional meetings, and supporting and teaching children classes. We would appreciate your contribution and support by contacting the area teaching committee secretary and letting us know in what capacity you will be able to help.

With loving Baha’i greetings


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