Friday, August 22, 2008

Working to connect hearts

Many people who join the Baha'i Faith are connected to it through a friend, family member, coworker or neighbor who is a Baha'i. There are others who contact the Baha'i community through the 1-800-22UNITE number or the national Web site and become connected through that channel. Here are two brief but illustrative examples from the Southwest region about how the Baha'is worked with the friends in two clusters to connect people interested in the Bahá’í Faith with local believers..

The first is a report from a believer in one of the clusters:

Dear friends,

Just wanted to inform you that the two seekers you connected with us came to the Ruhi Book 1 study circle that we had invited them. We decided to give Anna's presentation before starting the Ruhi course with them. They listened attentively and asked questions about it. At the end when asked how they feel about this, one of them showed great interest and asked how one becomes a Baha'i. It was a great moment of confirmation when she declared without hesitation. They both said they will come again next week to the study circle.

In this next report, the friends worked to help an interested seeker stay in touch with the Bahá’ís when they moved from one state to another:

Dear friends,

Here is news of a recent declaration. This person contacted 1-800-22UNITE informing us she was moving to ___ and would like to learn more about the Faith.

In May I was advised that this seeker was moving to this one cluster from another state. The local Baha'is here have met her and her family several times. And over this past weekend she enrolled in the Faith. Her husband is very interested, too.

Loving Bahá’í greetings,


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