Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"What the Baha'i Faith means to me"

Here is a delightful story from a family who shared the Faith at an age-of-maturity birthday party and built sincere connections with friends and classmates.

Our daughter recently turned 15. We all decided to celebrate with all her friends from school and any parents who would like to come. She had already held several "inspiration night" devotional gatherings with friends, and this gave her the confidence to share her faith with them. The party invitation included the following:

Turning fifteen is a significant milestone in the Bahá’í Faith.

Considered the "age of maturity" it means one is embarking on an exciting and important process toward adulthood.

This implies responsibilities to develop one's own spiritual life, and consider how to be of service to humanity.

There is no set way to celebrate 15, but we wanted to gather friends and family for this special evening with food, music, and a brief program.

We hope you can join us!

Parents are welcome to stay, if they would like.

The program consisted of a powerpoint presentation prepared and given by our daughter on "What the Bahá’í Faith means to me." In the background of each slide she had put photos of family, friends, and various representations of issues in the world (like environmental degradation). This made the concepts and quotations personal and relevant to her 45 friends who joined us for the party.

As a result, several of her friends want to know more about the Faith, she will continue the devotional meetings and we may organize a Book 1 study circle with interested friends.

Thank you.


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