Monday, September 29, 2008

Contacting 1-800-22UNITE to declare

This is a brief story from the Southwestern region, in which a seeker who had investigated the Faith for several years, which included participating in the training institute process, and contacted the 1-800-22UNITE number to declare.

This is the follow-up story:

After I received the email, I left messages for her and after a span of more than two weeks, she returned my call while I was at work. We had a lovely conversation and I volunteered to visit her at her home so I could give her Anna's presentation, and tell her more of our Faith. She did not think it was necessary as she had already decided she was ready to declare her love for Bahá’u’lláh and requested to get a card so she could register. She said that she had been searching for several years and had studied the Faith for a long time. She had also taken and completed Ruhi Book 1.

Considering our busy schedules, she agreed to coming over to my house (which was on her way home) on a night when I would be facilitating a Ruhi Book 1 class at my home and would thus be available. She stopped by when we were wrapping up and was kind enough to share with the two seekers attending the class about her search and decision to become a Bahá’í. We closed with a prayer and she stated she would take the declaration card with her as she wanted to sign it with a couple of Bahá’í friends with whom she had studied the Faith. Before leaving she also mentioned that she would like to continue with Ruhi Book 2. I was delighted to learn that she had contacted National directly.

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