Friday, September 26, 2008

Inspiring to teach

When embarking on an intensive teaching effort, it always helps to get the friends inspired and energized. Here is a message from an area teaching committee in a cluster in the Central region to all the believers in that cluster to encourage them to be involved in the upcoming teaching effort. Note also the specific lines of action they have identified for themselves.

Our cluster’s third intensive teaching effort will begin with a Kick-Off meeting on Saturday at the Bahá’í Center. The area teaching committee is happy to announce that Counselor Alison Milston and two Auxiliary Board members will be at the meeting and participate in training and teaching activities during the day.

The emphasis of this effort is on both expanding the community of interest and on visiting seekers and newly enrolled believers in their homes. The area teaching committee is also encouraging the increase and support of the children's classes that began during our last effort. These children's classes have been very successful and have much potential for growth!

If you have not yet joined a teaching team, now is the time! Find one, two or three other Bahá’ís living near you and make plans to attend the Kick-Off meeting and to teach the Faith with renewed spirit!

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