Monday, November 3, 2008

Increased capacity for action

Teaching and growth are a result of increased capacity of the friends for action, and the action they take. In this excerpt from a report from Howard County-Laurel, MD (A), one can see increased understanding and capacity, the importance of the institute process, and encouragement from the Local Spiritual Assembly.

This last intensive teaching effort for the Howard County/Laurel cluster saw 9 new enrolments in the Faith.

There was an increase in the number of friends participating in direct teaching as well as a well-coordinated follow-up plan. An approach for the community of interest was tried in which participants in a Book 1 study circle were invited to join the Faith, and they decided to enroll. The Local Spiritual Assembly has also been instrumental in encouraging the friends and led by example by participating in the teaching efforts.

Another friend notes:

The friends are demonstrating an increased understanding of the neighborhood nature of growth and core activities. There is a clear demonstration of skills in the use of Anna’s presentation in all teaching efforts and an increased desire to use the practices of the Ruhi books in follow-up.

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