Friday, November 14, 2008

Intriguing insights from Fullerton

The friends in Fullerton, CA (*C) have been reaching out to their neighbors and finding many people are interested in learning more about the Faith. They have also been starting core activities. Their experiences thus far have yielded some very intriguing insights about successfully establishing core activities and responding to people’s interest in the Message.

We have learned that we need more human resources to help with follow-up visits to people who expressed interest in the Baha’i Faith . . . .

We have started children’s classes in an apartment complex and have learned that conducting the class outdoors in a central area of the complex allows parents to feel more at ease, and also allows easy visibility for other children who may be passing by and may decide to join the class.

We have also learned that it is important to have multiple teachers present, since parents often approach the children’s class and ask questions about the Faith. In these situations, one teacher can continue teaching the class while the second teacher can share Anna’s presentation with the parents.

We have learned that it is easier to get smaller study circles started, such as group of 3 to 4 people. We have also learned that some of the parents of students in the children’s classes are willing to participate in and even host study circles because they want to learn more about the Faith.

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