Monday, November 3, 2008

The various dimensions of reaching out

Here are some reflections from an individual believer in the Nevada North (A) cluster about the friends’ experiences so far. In a number of ways, they are learning about the variety of dimensions of reaching out and building communities.

We don’t have many youth available to serve as animators of junior youth groups, so we are going to be more flexible and identify adults who are young at heart to participate in animator training.

One of our children’s classes has created a community of interest that we have not had before. This effort is bringing energy to the teaching work.

Building friendships are essential to the work in the neighborhood. We become friends, share in each others lives, and do a study circle together, thus dispelling a possible viewpoint that the friends who visit the neighborhood are like 'clergy'.

We need to focus more of our efforts on accompanying those Bahá’ís who may be interested in the process but unsure of how to become involved.

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