Friday, November 14, 2008

Youth and the institute moving a B-stage cluster forward

When the youth and the institute process get moving, watch out! Here is a brief report from B-stage cluster in the Southwest. Look at how the training institute is helping youth and new believers to arise and serve. Look at how the institutions are involved in encouraging the friends. It is wonderful to see.

Even though the number of resources in the field is still relatively small, recent teaching efforts have resulted in 3 declarations. Learning and confidence through experience is on the rise. The 5 youth who are studying Book 7 have all participated in teaching efforts and are assisting with children’s classes. The Local Spiritual Assembly is more actively supportive than ever before.

The Auxiliary Board members are having meetings with the youth to deepen their understanding of the significant role they have to play. Mobilizing the youth has been a key factor for renewing the spirit of teaching in the cluster.

One new believer contacted the local Baha’i Center to learn about the Faith, and was connected to a study circle. She has finished Ruhi Book 1, is attending Book 2 and Book 4 study circles. She wants to eventually serve as a tutor and interested in organizing a junior youth group.

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