Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Study circle gives power to make a change

Here is a brief but delightful story from an A-stage cluster in the Central region. The training institute process helps us develop skills, qualities and attitudes to carry out acts of service; in other words, the institute courses help motivate us into action—and give us the courage to do so. Throughout the courses, we try to put into practice what we are learning. And that’s exactly what one seeker participating in a study circle has been doing!

Dear Friends,

The Creative Word has made a huge inroad in one heart after one session of Ruhi Book 1, “Reflections on the Life of the Spirit”. A seeker in group saw me today and shared this experience. We had previously studied the section about the importance of avoiding backbiting and gossip. So they reported:

I was at my place of work and noticed during one conversation with some of the other staff that there was a lot of complaining and negative talk. I waited a while to let everyone empty themselves, and then I asked, “Well, what should we do about it?” I have always thought about saying that in these types of situations and today I did. It felt very good. This was amazing.

So, if anyone has not activated their tutor skills and wants to, I would be happy to arrange a short brush up session or connect you with experienced tutors to co-tutor.



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