Friday, January 9, 2009

Hitting the ground running in Tucson

The friends in Tucson, AZ (A) are hitting the ground running from the Regional Bahá’í Conference. This cluster’s area teaching committee reports on the effects of the conference on the believers and their efforts to carry out the pledges they made. As you will see, they are having success with devotional gatherings:

Dear Friends,

We are so excited to share that the excitement is building in our cluster. Since the conference, we have had numerous reports of the bold efforts of the friends giving Anna's presentation. 3 declarations have resulted. In addition, many are opening their homes for devotional gatherings including a friend who declared in November. She is now hosting weekly devotionals and children's classes in her home!

We have received many stories, but want to hear all of them. Please share your stories! Feel free to email or call me.

In closing, we will share an experience from a couple youth in our cluster:

We decided to invite some friends to a devotional because we were so inspired by the talks given at the Regional Bahá’í Conference. We set a date when we got back home and immediately started inviting our friends from school. We told them to bring poems, prayers, passages, music, anything that really meant something to them to share. The night of the devotional we had about nine seekers attend. First we went around and introduced ourselves and then went around sharing what we brought. About halfway through, someone started asking what the Bahá’ís believed about Christianity and other subjects. We also talked about the views of other religions. Our devotional had turned into a fireside. It was GREAT! As soon as we had finished, everyone was picking the theme for our next devotional. I don't think the gathering could have been any more amazing. One person also wants to be a part of a junior youth group. Hopefully we will have a wonderful second devotional! Everyone said we should "Have one of these every day".

With warmest regards,

The Area Teaching Committee

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