Monday, February 2, 2009

Coming together to support a new A-stage cluster

Roanoke, VA (A) has just embarked on its first intensive program of growth. In this brief report, you can see many of the elements that have proven themselves useful around the country: a vibrant reflection meeting, junior youth groups, the involvement of friends from neighboring clusters, and connecting to the pledges made at the Regional Bahá’í Conferences.

Dear Friends,

The Roanoke cluster had a great reflection gathering today. It was well attended, enthusiastic, focused, with excellent sharing and many pledges to support the Plan for this cycle. Three students from Virginia Tech announced they will be starting a junior youth group next week; about 10 to 15 junior youth are expected to attend. This is the first junior youth group in the cluster. A letter has been sent to those who pledged support at the Atlanta Conference, inviting them to join the Roanoke friends in the collective teaching effort starting next weekend.

With love,


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