Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"It is all a result of the Dallas Conference!"

Attendees of all ages at the Regional Bahá’í Conferences have arisen to reach out to their neighbors and start core activities. This story is shared by a believer in the South Central region; the efforts of a few young people have reactivated a junior youth group and helped establish a new children’s class.

My son and a couple of other young adults went through our neighborhood the last two weekends, and as a result, there will now be a junior youth group and a children's class starting, with participants from many nationalities and ethnicities. I'm so happy that they have arisen to serve. The parents are very happy that we are doing this and all of them gave their phone numbers to be contacted. My son is shy, but he has stepped forward to do this service, and is being helped by the kids in the neighborhood. It is all a result of the Dallas Conference—it is new awakening!

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