Monday, March 30, 2009

Building blocks of a new civilization

The institute process and core activities lay the foundations for a new community life and are the embryo of a new civilization. This process is occurring in every corner of the globe. A recent inspiring example of this comes from The Dalles-Wasco and Hood River Counties, OR (C). The friends have a strong outward-looking orientation here. They are reaching out to their neighbors and have established flourishing children’s classes and a junior youth group. And in the same way they have welcomed new believers into their community.

Believers residing in this cluster have recently made huge strides in developing their Institute Process. They have made a real connection to those neighborhoods where children's classes are strong and which include mostly children from the wider community. One of the classes has been running for two years now and the home has become a focal point of neighborhood activity. The teachers of these classes are developing strong relationships with the families.

A junior youth group has recently started and which is an outgrowth of another neighborhood children's class. The animators were able to start a group with 13 junior youth from the wider society.

Several new believers have been welcomed into a loving community life. The new believers are involved in the sequence of courses and are visited regularly for the purpose of deepening.

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