Friday, March 13, 2009

Evanston-Skokie IPG Day 4

The believers in Evanston-Skokie, IL (A) reached out in all ways to all their friends, colleagues and neighbors. In this report on Day 4 of their intensive teaching effort, a university student talks about a study circle began by some of the believers and their friends. They are studying Ruhi Book 4, “The Twin Manifestations”. The tutor explains the progress so far:

We had our third session today. We've had lots of interested people, new ones coming each time. The study circle is being held in the friends’ dorms.

It is working well, and we are giving participants a better understanding of what the Faith is about. We talk of both principles and history. In each meeting, we cover one section from Unit 1, “The Greatness of this Day” and then study from Unit 2 on the life of the Báb. The Bahá’ís’ friends are really intersted. I am building my skills at prompting discussion. For example, I connect the history to what they know. Today, we covered the Báb's address and highlighted that this is about the Covenant. We shared with each other what we think it means. It gets them thinking about what the Báb is saying. For casual participants, I want to give them an idea of what the Faith is all about. For the serious seekers, the Ruhi Books will give what they need. . . .

He also shares his thoughts on tutoring his first study circle:

It is fun, easy and not much to prepare. I had taken Book 4 previously; it was a good group! I am committed to finishing this study circle. We will need a couple of semi-intensives to finish up the book. They need to advance through the sequence. But, we are trying to create a study circle that they can invite friends to. __ and I tried to do Book 4 previously with the Bahá’í Campus Association; we got through the second unit but were unable to finish. Every session, I explain we have the Ruhi Institute so we can have a study circle; we can discuss, and there is practice so we can learn to do something useful.

Today, a reporter for an on-line publication participated in the study circle and asked lots of questions about the Faith. He was happy with the answers. He video-taped part of the study circle and interviewed us. I gave my own version of Anna's presentation to the video camera.

The students, they are all incredible.

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