Friday, March 13, 2009

Friends in Northeast fulfill pledges with joy

The friends in the Northeast region have been truly galvanized by the recent Regional Bahá’í Conference in Stamford. Both the believers who attended that event and those that were unable to do so have intensified their efforts in a spirit of joy and excitement.

For example, a believer in the Syracuse, NY (B) cluster reports:

At our last Nineteen Day Feast we had a very lively discussion on the topic of pledge fulfillment. Everyone is making progress on their pledges and there was a beautiful exchange of offers for areas where anyone was struggling to fulfill their pledges. I’m unsure what an A-stage cluster looks like, but this spirit is new to us. Surely we are approaching our goal. It’s got to be the best consultation I’ve experienced at Feast. . . .

And in New Haven, CT (*C), a friend reports progress on pledges:

3 people finished an intensive Book 3 and are starting a new children’s class.

A new Book 2 study circle is starting.

The students at the university are starting a new children’s class and a junior youth group.

Teaching is continuing.

Seekers are fulfilling the pledges they have made!

A friend from Rochester, NY (A) reports:

The friends have already begun to fulfill their pledges to help our sister cluster, Syracuse. AT least 4 of the friends have been actively involved. One has been tutoring a Book 6 study circle.

We would like to thank the International Teaching Center and our Regional Bahá’í Council for modeling a cluster reflection meeting at the Stamford conference. We used this model to structure our own cluster reflection meeting. We encouraged the friends to focus on the guidance and to channel the stories of celebration to show what has been learned.

Finally, many individual have arisen to serve as a homefront pioneer or travel teacher to a nearby cluster or to a receptive neighborhood within their cluster. The institutions and individual believers have been assisting them in various ways, including temporary financial support, opening their homes to host pioneers, or simply praying for their success in searching for apartments in an identified receptive neighborhood! The Northeast is truly on fire.

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