Monday, March 2, 2009

Momentum building in South Salt Lake

Keep an eye on South Salt Lake, UT (B). The momentum is clearly building there. This report from one of the believers there is a delightful snapshot of a recent direct teaching activity. First you have the friends stepping forward in unprecedented numbers to participate in teaching. You have the friends offering to directly share the Faith with those who are interested. You have core activities, such as a children’s class and a study circle starting—and in a cohesive manner. You have follow-up steps that strengthen connections made. All of these are contributing to the beginnings of a breakthrough.


As you know last Saturday we had a direct teaching activity in an apartment building in South Salt Lake.

Around 35 friends participated in the project with 6 teaching teams visiting homes to share the Message and to invite participation in a children’s class at the complex. The results were marvelous! 9 children were registered for classes, and home visits were set up to offer Anna's presentation. . . .

Yesterday, the Area Teaching Committee organized a follow-up activity. 6 friends gathered in groups of 2, and visited apartments where no one was home the previous time. One family was visited, and Anna's presentation was shared with them. They were happy to study Ruhi Book 1 in Spanish at their home. One of the friends will conduct this study circle at the same time their children are attending the children’s class.

We visited the apartments to pick up the children for the class. We had 12 children attending, of whom 10 were from the wider community! Also, we had one declaration in our Cluster this past weekend!

Friends, our cluster is on fire! Please continue to keep us in your prayers!

Much love,


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