Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tangible coherent progress

This report from Alameda County South (Fremont), CA (A) is a wonderful example of a cluster steadily progressing. Three months after the Regional Bahá’í Conference, its inspiring effects are now tangibly reflected: More believers are arising to teach and start core activities, the cluster launched an intensive program of growth, and all the friends’ various efforts are supporting each other in a coherent way.

One of the friends notes that the Regional Bahá’í Conference in Los Angeles “created tremendous energy in the believers”. For example: . . .

Some arose afterwards to offer devotional meetings in their neighborhoods and at their workplaces, which has boosted the number of devotional gatherings in the cluster.

Some started study circles.

Some worked to sustain a jeopardized children’s class by finding a new location for it.

Attendance at the last reflection meeting increased.

During the expansion phase, friends from neighboring clusters lent their support, so together we had 11 teaching teams during the first weekend and 7 teams the second weekend. Friends from our cluster are now carrying out home visits and sharing deepening themes with a family of new believers.

Also noteworthy are the insights being gained about core activities. In particular, experience is showing that they all support each other:

One of the key elements for the success of the children’s classes has been the steadfastness and consistency of the teachers of these classes. Further, the children who attend these classes are themselves the most effective means of inviting other children to the classes.

Children’s classes can be a bridge to study circles: A teaching team met a youth who expressed interest in teaching a children’s class, and they have started a study circle with her.

Institute courses help start devotional meetings: As a result of a Book 1 refresher course, a family has now started in their home a devotional gathering followed by a fireside.

Devotional meetings open doors for teaching: As a teaching team visited homes in one neighborhood to invite people to a devotional meeting held there, it provided opportunities to present the Faith directly.

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