Thursday, April 23, 2009

New believer takes the first step to advance cluster

It is always exciting to see new believers arise to serve. And it is always heartwarming to see that, even when the numbers of believers are few, gathering together in unity to consult and plan can help any cluster move forward. Thus we share this brief story from the Central region. A new believer in a C-stage cluster had the idea of organizing such a meeting for his cluster, and has been encouraged to connect to the institutions and proceed! The national Seeker Response system Regional Specialist reports:

Here is a message from one of our new Bahá’ís in a C-stage cluster of widely scattered believers, who has seen the need for a Cluster Reflection Meeting! I have encouraged him and given him contact info for his Auxiliary Board members and Regional Bahá’í Council.

Dear __,

I’ve been speaking with a few Bahá’ís in the area about putting together a Cluster Review Session with the idea of placing all the believers in the counties in our cluster together in one room to discuss the advancement of our cluster. I feel that there are many friends in the area that don’t know each other and this meeting would give an opportunity to unite and grow.

Warmest Bahá’í greetings,


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