Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Now there is truly nothing we aren't willing to do"

The news from San Diego, CA (A) just keeps getting better and better. Here is a brief report from that cluster’s area teaching committee summarizing the results from their most recent teaching effort. Two new developments are especially exciting: teaching teams reaching out in several new neighborhoods in the cluster, and a focus on their community of interest that led to 140 new participants in the various core activities. The report keeps using the word “extraordinary”, but given the spirit, capacity, and dedication of the friends here and throughout the country, such “extraordinary” occurrences will no doubt become increasingly common.

Cherished friends,

We had our most extraordinary teaching effort to date! Taking to heart the wish of the Universal House of Justice that all may “find a part to play”, we arose, redoubled our efforts, and pledged to invite our friends, families, neighbors and coworkers to the core activities. As a result, teachers went and visited homes, not just in City Heights (where we have been using this approach for some time), but also in neighborhoods such as Coronado, La Jolla, Clairemont, Del Sur, Carmel Mountain and Chula Vista—and often times at night! Now there is truly nothing that we aren’t willing to do. No boundary can hold us back, no fear can paralyze us. . . .

You all arose to new heights of boldness and audacity and invited those closest to you to the core activities, and as a result, we have 140 new friends, family members, neighbors and coworkers who are now participating in devotional gatherings, study circles, junior youth groups and children’s classes!

For each of the 16 days of the teaching effort, some type of teaching activity was being carried out, particularly fireside devotionals. Often times there were 4 or 5 teaching activities happening on the same day. As a result of these extraordinary 16 days, we now have:

10 new Ruhi 1 study circles

5 new children’s classes

4 new junior youth groups

5 adults enrolled in the Faith

Most significantly, our community of interest has grown by 140.

Friends, your efforts are extraordinary!

Your area teaching committee

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