Monday, June 15, 2009

Following up with a seeker leads to a surprise

We now share the second in our trio of “seeker response” stories. In this case, one of the friends decided to follow-up with an individual who had already contacted the Bahá’ís for information and see if she wanted anything else. This led to a deep conversation on spiritual matters, which led to this individual declaring her faith. It is inspiring to seek the friends’ dedication in following up with seekers and ensuring they are not forgotten.

A, what a beautiful story and experience. How perfect a moment. I think it is also great that you are going back over previous contacts. There does not seem to be much time to backtrack, but when we do, we often find the jewels. They have had time to grow and to reflect. Thanks so much for sharing this.



Glad tidings that there is a new believer in our region!

She has been a seeker for many years. Believers in a number of cities where she has lived nurtured her. She has also been to meetings and has had home visits. . . .

Tonight I decided to go through my list of people that had been contacted already and just send notes to folks and see if they had what they needed. Since her phone was listed, I called her and she was so grateful to have a call.

We ended up have a deep conversation. When she told me about her life, I said, "It sounds like God has a purpose for you. I wonder what it is?" I also asked "What do you think is the purpose of life?" Our conversation went deeper and deeper; she was open to talking about the soul, life and death, and so I started with my Ruhi Book 1, section 3 on life and death. I asked if she would like me to read what Bahá’u’lláh says about the soul. She agreed. As we kept talking, I expressed a genuine feeling, "You sound like a Bahá’í" and she chuckled with delight. I knew then that I would be sharing with her how we do our membership. Then we went through Anna's Presentation in natural, conversational way.

About two hours later, I asked, “How do you feel about all this?” She said, "I believe it." I explained about cards, and registering on the internet. She said that she remembers hearing about the card, and that she thinks she has one somewhere packed in a box. I said I could do it for her. She said, “Yes, you can register me.”

I encouraged her to call all the Baha'is she knows, share the good news, and thank them for praying for her. We closed with singing a prayer. She asked for us to keep praying for her.



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