Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Search Tool Added to the Blog!

Looking for a particular story on this site, you can’t remember exactly when it was posted or what labels it had, you just remember the name of the city in which the story took place or a particular phrase in the story?

Yesterday, we would have had to say, good luck (Ha Ha Ha), because there would have been no way to find what you were looking for other than clicking on every single story, one by one. In the early days when we had just a few dozen stories on this site, that would have been manageable. But, as with teaching, growth creates the need for new approaches and resources. And since you all have been teaching and teaching and teaching and then sending tons of stories of your experiences, this site has GROWN over the months big time!

SO AS OF TODAY there is now a “Search” tool on this blog (at the upper right corner). This allows you to search the content of the entire blog, including the resource links at the right. Type in any word or phrase, and all the stories that contain that word will come up. Enjoy!

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