Friday, June 26, 2009

A true team effort

I’m posting this chain of emails (plus a few comments) because it is a fine example of how the friends at the national, regional and local levels can work together to respond to seeker inquiries.

First, a seeker called 1-800-22UNITE line and left a message. The National Teaching Office then forwarded the message to the regional specialists. Notification was also sent automatically to that local community (which the system does for specific clusters).

One of the regional specialists emailed back:

Dear N, that is a wonderfully precious seeker. Do you have those 2 books he requested at the Teaching Office so that we can send them to him? Also, I will look to see who is in that community. Also, maybe he is a candidate for the new telephone Ruhi Class. I am sharing this with A as we share seekers if one of us has too many, vice versa. Love you. Let me know before I call him. S . . .

The other regional specialist noted:

Hi S and folks in the NTO,

Since he is a “pass through”, I've made a comment mentioning that the NTO will send one of the books, and so the local folks can see the comment. He said it was okay to visit, so maybe they'll go to his home. (By the way, the local Bahá’ís have already assigned him to a believer: a very good sign!)

So for the first book, yes, please send it to him. Please just write that we don't keep the other book in stock, but it's on the web. Perhaps print 10 pages for him from that book and we'll see how he responds.

How does that sound?


So, then the National Teaching Office did that.

Dear Friends,

I have sent him the requested book, a print out of some of the web pages of the other, and the regular introductory packet, along with a cover letter.

That’s great that the local folks are already on the ball.

Thanks for your collaboration.

Finally, one of the local believers sent email that the cluster institute coordinator will go and visit the seeker at his home.

Talk about a team effort!

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