Monday, June 22, 2009

You just never know . . .

It’s not all sunshine and roses. We’ve all had our frustrating and disappointing teaching experiences. And if you experienced what these friends in Brookhaven, NY (A) went through, you’d be feeling pretty down too! But this story is an example of how you just never know. . . . and that no teaching effort is truly wasted.

During the Autumn, a team of 4 members of the Brookhaven community went to a neighborhood to continue some of the direct teaching that had started during the summer by the youth participating in Project Mirza Mihdi. It was early evening, getting dark, a little rainy, and not many people were at home—and those who were home were not eager to talk at that time of day. So their efforts seemed fruitless, yielding no apparent results. . . .

However, the group persisted and visited another home where they met a man who said that he couldn’t talk then but that he would be willing to take their contact information in case he was ever interested. One of the teachers gave him her telephone number (thinking that they probably would not hear from him), and then the team called it a night and went home.

Well, several months later, wouldn’t you know that the same guy called back the Bahá’í teacher saying that he really wanted to know more. He has been invited to come to the home of that Bahá’í friend and learn more about the Faith.

Now, who knows what will happen! Why did the friends keep going, even when it seems like they were getting nowhere with their teaching? All questions to think about!

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